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How do I book a session with WhirlieGirl?
Booking a session with us is a simple and painless process…it’ll hurt less than having your eyebrows waxed…promise!  The first step is contacting WhirlieGirl via our online form or telephone to schedule our consult!  This is our way of getting to know what makes you….well, YOU!  We want to make sure that every unique quality about you is what we portray in your portraits.   This is the time when you and your photographer will become very close and get to know each other.   Plan on approximately 30-60 minutes for your consultation to be able to cover all of the topics that will be discussed.  At the end, you and your photographer will select the best date, time and location available for your session(s).

Is there a deposit required?
A percentage of your chosen collection (or session fee if a la carte) will be due at the time of booking (whether in person or on the telephone) to ensure your selected date and time are secured.  Collections begin at $750 and a la carte session fees begin at $200.

What should I wear?
Clothing options will be discussed during your consultation, however, be sure to plan your outfits completely a few days before your session.  You will receive a list of clothing tips during your consultation

Oh no!  I have a boo-boo!  Can you edit that out?
Absolutely!  Some do’s and do not’s will be discussed during your consult so that you will not only look your best for your session, but will help avoid retouching that is beyond what is included in your standard post-capture editing.  Additional retouching that is requested, but not covered — such as braces removal — can be done for an extra charge of $30 per image.

Do you provide hair and makeup services?
Yes!  We have several professional stylists available who offer a multitude of services.  They will be available either before your session or can be on site during the whole session for touchups!  This will be discussed during your consult prior to your session.

What time should I arrive for my session?
At least 10 minutes early. You’ll be more relaxed and your session can be completed on schedule.

What will my session be like?
In a single word….FUN! You might have butterflies at first, but not for long! With a fun loving, goofy photographer, you’ll be relaxed in no time.

When do I decide what portraits I want to order?
After you have seen your previews. During our consultation, we’ll go over how everything works and a timeline for every step of the way!

Can I order additional portraits later?
Absolutely! We hold non-purchased portraits for 30 days after your preview session, so there will be plenty of time to get some more later on!

What is your turnaround time?
Our typical turnaround time can range from 2-6 weeks, depending on what is ordered.  In most cases, we will get it to you sooner than later!!  During the holiday season is when we (along with all of our professional partners) are the busiest, so the turnaround time can take a little longer than usual.  Rest assured that we are working very hard to make sure you get your order as quick as possible!

Any other questions?
Call us at 239.540.4475 and we’ll be happy to answer them for you!

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