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Meet Angela!

Welcome!! I’m so happy that you came by and would like to know more about me!  First thing’s first…I believe in building a strong, personal relationship with everyone who honors me with becoming a part of their lives for a short period of time.  I think to do this properly, besides meeting with me prior to your session, is to give you a glimpse into what makes me, well…me!  Aside from my love for photography, here are a few fun facts that you may enjoy reading:) Thank you again for stopping by and I’m truly looking forward to getting to know all about you as well!

  • My first priority is my 14 year old son…my pride and joy…my reason for living :*)
  • I love chocolate…all kinds of yummy, yummy chocolate!
  • I have a serious addiction to the TV show “Dexter” **UPDATE** and most recently to Touch, as well as American Horror Story, Shameless, and am a HUGE Weeds fan!
  • I dream of traveling to Europe one day…specifically Scotland, Italy and Prague
  • Ack!!!  I sometimes drink milk from the carton!!
  • I’m a Florida transplant…but with always be a Long Island girl at heart!
  • I have learned that humility is a wonderful trait…however, humiliating yourself will get a good laugh out of those around you!
  • I love my animals…..ALL of them!!  Ask me about my pets at your session!
  • I’m a hopeless romantic who loves chick flicks, anything purple and men who show their sensitive sides once in a while.
  • But the bad girl in me has a thing for guys who ride motorcycles, long hair and tattoos….I’m a romantic but I love me some mischief!!
  • I’m most comfortable in tank tops, jeans and flip flops…makes it easier for me to crawl around the floor on a shoot!
  • I’m always looking for something new and exciting to bring into my life, whether it be at home or on a shoot!
  • Black, purple and red are my favorite colors.
  • I donate to the youth soccer league, girl scouts and other kids who camp out in front of the supermarket.
  • My son leaves his change in the tip jar every time we go to a store and they have the jar on the counter…I’m so proud of him!
  • I don’t like the taste of cherries.
  • I LOVE garlic and most all other stinky foods!!
  • I beat myself up a lot if my work isn’t done properly and perfectly!!!
  • Even though I stand over 5’9? barefoot…I LOVE heels!!  Love, love, love LOVE high-heeled shoes…ahhh!
  • I love to please people and don’t think there’s anyone I can’t get along with!!
  • I also love to be asked questions about my life, my experiences and anything else someone might find interesting to know about me!
  • I’ve got the serious hots for Gerard Butler….oooh!
  • One of my favorite bands is Evanescence
  • No, I have never seen Gone With the Wind
  • No, I have NEVER read “The Hunger Games” nor have I any desire at this point
  • I do however, have a slight obsession with the Twilight Saga…I’m Team Jasper btw!:)



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