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What is Boudoir?

Boudoir has come back to the mainstream of photography in full force! You are beautiful.  Everything about you is simply wonderful.  Every woman should have photos of herself that reinforce these statements and remind them of just what magical creatures they truly are.  You deserve to be pampered, treated like a supermodel and to be proud of who you are!! So, what exactly is boudoir photography?  Well, the word boudoir is defined as “a woman’s bedroom or private sitting room”.  Boudoir is a French word whose original meaning was “pouting room.” In earlier times, if a young lady was sulky, she was sent to her boudoir where she could pout in private.  Typically, this was the setting for this type of photography as it was the appropriate place for sensual photos to be taken…after all, a woman is most comfortable in her own bedroom right?  This is not so much the case anymore!  Since the introduction of digital images, boudoir photography has slowly been making a comeback into common photography sessions.  Boudoir sessions are now taken not only in a woman’s home, but at a photography studio, outdoors and other locations all the time! Boudoir photography was a way for artists to memorialize the beautiful form of a woman.  No matter the age, figure, height or beauty of a woman, boudoir photography was always meant to make every woman look and feel beautiful, sexy, attractive and flawless.  Most women proved to be nervous about this type of photography prior to the digital age for fear of lost photos or having someone other than the photographer see the images.  Most women felt they did not have the physique or model-esque stature to take such photographs.  But now…women are realizing more and more every day that even if they are flawed…which we ALL are (even the supermodels on the cover of magazines), modern technology and the skill of the artist can perfect every aspect a woman wants perfected in her photos. Don’t women having a boudoir shoot have to be nude?  Absolutely not!!!  There are many, many different kinds of boudoir photography, artistic nude is just one of them and the woman who is having her portraits taken is the only one who decides whether or not she wants to have nude photographs taken.  The main thing to remember about boudoir photography is to be yourself!!!  Don’t be anyone else!  Let out the tigress inside you and let yourself feel as beautiful as you are!


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